HDB Issues $600mil Fixed Rate Notes

HDB on 3Dec 20 released $Six hundred mil, fifteen year preset price notes as participation its $32 bil Multicurrency Medium Term Note Programme.

Rated by triple A Fitch Ratings, the investment notes appear in $250,000 values, with a token of one point three percent each year receivable biyearly in liability. They are stipulated to end on 2035 third day of Dec.

HDB expressed the investment notes “get offered operating placement to individuals in agreement with Sections two hundred and seventy four as well as two hundred and seventy five of the Securities and Futures Act and (which applied) Regulation 3 of the Securities and Futures (Classes of Investors) Regulations 2K18”.

Approval in principle for the investment notes” listing on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited was achieved, their acceptance to the formal record must “in no way be regarded as a signal of the virtues of HDB, its secondary or the investment notes”.

The investment notes are cleared up by means of CDP, utilizing Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation as lead manager and underwriter.

Following the MTN program, HDB might just issue investment bonds (or investment notes) occasionally “to finance its growth programmes as well as operating capital requirements in addition to re-finance the present credits”.

Midtown Bay price

Set up on 1Feb 1960 as a lawful board, Housing and Development Board resides close to 80percent of SG’s citizen population. Beyond 9 in 10 HDB occupants possess the house that they are staying in.

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